October 2022 Island Trip – Day 2

Day 2 consisted of:

  • Spackling all the nail holes in the new wood work that surrounds the new bathroom fan and ductwork for the new kitchen stove vent.
  • Priming all the new wood work mentioned above.
  • Running to town to find a piece of wood to replace the shelf above the oven, having it cut, and then acquiring for free! It’s installed and primed.
  • Discovering that Goof-Off is very effective at removing decades of accumulated grease in the cabinet above the stove top.
  • Taking something out of the house each time I walked back to the barns… Including paint, which will live in the pump room where it won’t freeze and be rendered useless.
  • Helping my DH manage the building inspector from afar.
  • Keeping an eye on the Zillow rental listing for the house and the website stats. They are impressive, but aren’t yielding any real live hits so far. I returned a note to the one couple (with the dog) who is interested, expressing my hesitation not only about the dog, but about the potential immense expense of, say, refinishing the floors, should it come to that. Something that I can’t charge a deposit for, and they cannot guarantee they will have funds for at the conclusion of a lease period.
  • Pulling the mullin out of Stella’s pad. She no longer looks like she’s parked on the moon. The plants, while still stately in their height. were getting bedraggled and dry. Add wind and water in the next month and they’d have turned into 9’ mushy skeleton plants. They’ll be back.
  • Ever increasing gut discomfort during the day, leading to significant pain by evening, along with other familiar symptoms. The only conclusion is diverticulitis. Always equipped with the two antibiotics now, I took the first dose when I got into bed. As I write this (morning of day three) I feel less bad than last night. Will give myself permission to do less today.

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