October 2022 Island Trip – Day 4

I slept like crap. Owl eyed from 2-4. I don’t scroll around my phone in the wee hours, but I sure did to pass some time.

I didn’t rush through closing up both because I’m dealing with diverticulitis (nothing to screw around with), and my neighbor to the south and I agreed to meet this morning. She’s known the wife of the couple who wants to rent the house since the gal was 18-months old. My neighbor is a proponent. Around 10, I texted her asking when she wanted to get together. She and her husband had gone off Island, She said she’d call me shortly. Shortly turned out to be more than 30-minutes later. I really like this person, and was annoyed.

Our chat, running credit and back ground checks aside, does make me feel more comfortable about the idea of renting to these folks, but it does not get me around the issue of the dog. During our conversation she let me know that the gal’s dad is very sick with cancer. The dad was my property manager for parts of 2017-2018, after mom went into care. He told me then he was a cancer survivor. I am very sorry to learn he’s ill again.

The closing checklist was a little more involved this trip given that I had to deploy heaters in the house and Stella, and empty Stella’s water heater. Our weather in unseasonably warm, and we are all doing rain dances hoping to quell any number of regional fires. Next up are freezing temps. I was done half an hour after the earlier boat left, and headed to the north neighbor to say ‘Howdie.’ She said she’d come by, and there’s no point staying on the property after everything is locked up.

DR and I talked about my dad’s last day on the Island. Her husband was the one who picked dad up off the bathroom floor that winter morning. It was interesting to learn more details. DR and her husband are the same age now as mom was then. They are both struggling with health issues, but are still vital in ways that my folks weren’t. It was good to see them.

I drove down the ‘big Island’ after getting off the ferry only to find the ferry at the other end had gone to an ‘alternate schedule.’ Only one boat was running, so it took me a while to get home. I got a lot of reading done.

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