Smoke Season…

There’s been a fire burning (multiple 10s of 1000s of acres) in the foothills many miles to the east of us for weeks and weeks now. The off-shore flow (winds blowing from the east to west) have essentially kept me indoors for the last four days. It smells, not only like a campfire outside, but like you are sitting precisely downwind of the campfire. Today I took the trash out and got the mail. It made my eyes water. I’m putting off a dump run and exterior painting due to these conditions. The air quality in the house remains OK, though the occasional sneezing fit make me think it’s far from perfect.

The car and truck have a coating of ash on them, as does the garden. To add insult to the general situation, it was 80 degrees here today 😳. It’s mid-October! Rain is predicted by Friday. I can’t wait!

Photo credit to my DH from his and his mama’s plane!

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