The Island house, doc signing and fund swapping aside, is leased. We will meet Monday to take care of the formalities. These folks, currently, live locally, making it easy for us to sign docs. They take up tenancy mid-November. We’ll meet at the house to go over the ‘conditions’ check list before then.

These folks are interested not just in a long-term rental (one year is the definition of long-term), but settling in for as long as it works for me and them. Not only are they fine with the rent (33% increase over the last 3.5 years) with the electric rolled in, but they want to edit the lease to account for historic kilowatt hour overages. They consider themselves heavy electric consumers and want to make sure I’m not short. Wow. I’ll pull the electric history tomorrow, will create a spreadsheet that we can track with, keeping weather in mind, and move forward.

I’ve lined up more than half of what needs to happen before they move in. Will ping the appliance folks to let them know there’s now a deadline for finishing the oven install. Call the housekeeper reference and ask for a cleaning around the 10th. The wonderful do-all fellow will reinstall the ‘front’ door next week, and take a look at finishing a couple of other small chores for me.

I confess to a cessation of general anxiety… (which was not due to the house being vacant, though as the weather gets colder that’s a problem), because a rather large unfinished and fraught task is coming to fruition.

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