The meeting with my new tenants went very well. We did the dollars and documents thing. They had lots of good questions. I’ve made a reservation to go up next weekend. They’ll walk on the ferry next Monday and we’ll do the walk-through.

I’ve made a couple of service requests: Propane stove and heat pump, but have decided to wait on the housekeeper until we’re done making messes. This may mean that I’ll end up cleaning the house… I need to ask my AN about a couple of projects as well.

As happy as I am to have the house re-leased, and as confident as I feel about the fit, it also feels like a new adventure involving a lot of trust. I know this is about my own insecurities and all the plates I’m spinning… The first tenants came by way of my broker here on the Island, and those tenant referred the next tenant. My head knows this is solid. Now I have to tell my anxiety to take a hike 🙄.

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