Finally Finaled!

Our city building inspector just pulled through and signed off on the building and plumbing permits. The state signed off on the electric permits last week. In the eyes of the regulatory folks, this remodel is DONE! Of course, there is more to do, but the city doesn’t care about carpet or paint 😏.

The relief I feel is palpable. The permits were due to expire 11/05. Not a huge deal to have them extended, and I’m weary of herding administrative loose ends on two properties. And to that end,

The short list of items I’d like to accomplish before the new tenants move in on the Island have been all but absorbed by others! I still have yet to reach out to the housekeeper. I’ll make sure not to tax my finger while making that call.

I am sitting at our kitchen island as twilight obscures the sharp focus out of our picture windows. The Acer macrofolia (big-leaf maples) are letting go of their dinner plate sized leaves in great bunches as the wind comes up. They look like large clumsy bats diving into the ravine in this light. I am, as I was advised, holding on to this feeling of relaxation brought by signatures on paper, both for the kitchen project and leasing the Island house. This calm sensation in my body, mind and emotion is a place I want to know how to work my way back to when I find myself stressed out.

Daytime kitchen view.

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