November 2022 Island Trip – Days 3 & 4

All the hours got used up… And not all the things got done. This is a repeated theme on the Island…

Day 3:

  • I caulked around the fireplace trim, and painted the face of the trim first thing in the morning. I was able to paint over most of the caulk in the afternoon, but not all… this caulk goes on white and dries clear, which is an indicator that it’s ready for paint.
  • I installed the new smoked detector. Of course the mount wasn’t the same, and the screws for the old mount broke (WTF?) as I removed them from the beam. Then I managed to drop both of the new screws while trying to insert them into their pilot holes. A few cuss words later success was achieved.
  • I installed new insulation on the pump room door. Hopefully this time rodents won’t find it tasty…
  • Finally an incense cedar and Alaska yellow weeping cedar are planted on either side of the creek, about 30’ apart.
  • A favorite, instant gratification project was to install ‘stick-on’ tile in the kitchen. Pic to follow in another post!
  • I took pictures of the antique electrical panels for our electrician. We may, or may not, install a propane generator on the Island. No electricity, no water.
  • The wood floors are fussy and must be wiped dry. Half the house got done today.
  • Heater tangos happened today… I found what I hope will be a more reliable oscillating heater for Stella, in town, and then deployed the (bigger) oil heater from the pump room into Stella as well. The baby oil heater will be used in the little trailer.
  • The culvert received some more attention. My AN is going to bring his 20’ stick to go at the culvert from the top side to encourage it to shed the last of it’s rocks. We are both sure it’ll work much, much better. My AN is a perfectionist 😏.
  • Dinner with my neighbor to the east was a delight. I brought the grub, and she did the dishes.

Day 4:

  • The painting got crossed off the list first
  • The antique propane oven now resides in the open shed. My window to get it to the dump closed due to schedule and lack of strong bodies at the right time on Monday.
  • I washed the remainder of the wood floor, the tile floor, and cleaned the bathroom. I also discovered that the bathroom faucet leaks at the handle when fully opened! The valves are closed… tomorrow I’ll mail a new faucet to my AN who will swap it out.
  • Removing everything from the house not intended for tenant use took a few trip to the barn.
  • Closing Stella offered no surprises.
  • Throwing firewood in the bed of the truck will likely have me feeling a little sore in the morning 🙃.

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