Moving Back In

Enough has been accomplished at our mainland home (vent cleaning and carpet install) project that we’ve begun moving back in to the rest of the house! This flurry of activity creates its own chaos as we work on trimming things down: The bin of ski gear we haven’t used in over 15-years, the self-inflating camping mats that stopped being used when we bought the antique Airstream in 2008, paperback books I really enjoyed and haven’t reread ever, etc. Lots of things going to charity.

There’s one room, the Train Room (a future space/former bedroom for my DH to create N-scale layouts), that’s vexing me a little. I want nothing more than to clear the room of everything that doesn’t belong in it, and that’s simply not doable yet. Unlike the construction project, which had hardline interdependencies, righting each room does not follow a project management time-line 😏. One thing I am doing is pulling all of my mom and dad’s docs from the train room into my office. Better to have all of their things in my work area than scattered around the house. It made sense to have the docs with the books when I was working with their library… Ha! Not to say all of my parents books are in the train room… You see why this is a process?

I’ve brought back more than half of our our books, that reside in the billiard room (now that it has carpet again!), from storage. Each book has been logged into an online library catalog before hitting the shelf. The goal is to catalog our entire library. This week, weather allowing (possible significant snow in a region where everyone loses their driving minds over a few snowflakes), I’ll bring the rest of the books home.

Tomorrow the pool table has an appointment to get resurrected! New felt too. It’s been years since the felt was replaced, and there are areas that were damaged by cats who are greatly missed.

I’ve acquired two antique sewing machines since we tore the house apart, one being my Grandma’s. Except for these treasures, the studio ought to be empty of large things that don’t belong in it as of tomorrow. Guess where the pool table is sitting, in pieces… The sewing machines really do belong in the studio, and we have yet to figure out how that might work. There are LOTS of small bits and pieces sprinkled around the studio that need to re/find their homes, and that’s predicated on the rest of the books being reshelved… So see? The interdependencies are loose depending on what you’re able to accomplish, and what vendor is helping you accomplish what task.

Carpet installed.
Pool Table Incoming.

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