December 2022 Island Trip. – Day 1 – Prelaunch

Everything except the cooler is packed. I need to decide what shoes to wear up, and whether to take a ‘nice’ coat of some description. Nice means the garment has no paint or pitch on it. The weather is supposed to be cold: 20’s, 30’s, low 40’s. I’d load up the truck now, but it’s 33 degrees and I need to start by cramming the bungee net for the bed of the truck back into its bag. Yes, I should have done that after the dump run, but it was wet and needed to dry out. Now I get to spend additional time in the cold 🙄 for having not followed up. Sigh.

This trip should be fun… There are lots of smaller targets like hanging up bird and bat houses, making a compost box, getting the old oven to the dump, working on the lower barn sheetrock (hey, everyone has their own definition of fun!), etc. And I’m taking Christmas gifts to friends and so anticipate a little visiting. My DH will join me for the weekend, and we both return on Monday.

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