December 2022 Trip – Day 1

The drive up oscillated between very foggy and brilliantly sunny. My timing was such that I was able to stop at a hardware store and pick up heat tape for Stella’s water line should we need it. The forecast looks OK while we’re here, and seeing as how things can be unpredictable, I thought ‘why not?’ Next week shows a low of 16…

Unpacking went well. Stella was sitting at 59 degrees. My tenants had turned on her fridge for me and left me the most amazing GF vegan brownies I’ve ever had! Something in Stella was beeping…

It turned out to be the CO detector. I got it off the wall, but couldn’t open the back. Off to the hardware store, again, I went. It took two of us to figure out how to get the back off and then back on again. The device is no longer singing the, annoying, song of its tribe… The smoke detector, even with arrows and everything, won’t come off the ceiling. I bought a new battery for it too, and will ask my DH to exercise his much stronger hand on it.

After battery, and new flashlight, procurement (because new batteries did not fix the incumbent flashlight’s lack of desire to provide light), I strolled town, picked up a couple of books, headed back to the property., and finished setting up Stella. Things are put away, her three Christmas decorations are out, plus twinkle lights, the heat is turned up, and tomorrow’s not wildly ambitious list is made. Time for some relaxing.

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