December 2022 Island Trip – Day 3

Using the truck as a wheelbarrow, I finished getting all the dead lumber off the east side of the wood shed, and onto the burn pile. This after a tea with the tenants, who seem delightfully invested in my beverage comforts!!

After cleaning up the remainder of the dead lumber and nettle roots from the side of the wood shed, I asked for help loading the old oven into the truck. This was gladly given. I tossed a bin of recycle onboard and headed to the dump. $22 to unload and dispatch the oven… Cheap at twice the price, as my mama used to say. And… The fellow who tipped the oven out of the truck, tossed the old bathroom faucet into the metal bin as well. I had planned to break the faucet down into its material components (metal, plastic, etc) and dispose of accordingly. He kicked the whole box into the metal receptacle. I wasn’t gonna argue.

On my way back from the dump I stopped in on my AN with some Christmas gifts for him and his wife. Other neighbors from across the road pulled in seconds ahead of me. It made for a nice visit. Our AN is going to come to our place when my DH is here (Sunday) to patch up the small piece of the barn that’s open after applying heat tape to the pump room plumbing.

The days here are short now. It’s not light until almost 8am, and by 4pm there’s not enough light to do anything outside that takes real focus. I retreated to Stella just before 4, after cleaning up fir frass that’s all over her meadow, and did some housekeeping, vacuuming included. This little battery operated vac works perfectly for our needs! And how often can someone vac their whole house in 10-minutes??

Winter on the Island affords time to read, communicate, nap, and organize (things and thoughts) that the rest of the year does not. I appreciate being here in the absence of feeling maniacally driven to get shit done.

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