December 2022 Island Trip – Day 4

I have been SO blessed with lovely, intelligent, and delightful tenants. We spent pieces of today sketching mom’s perennial, and dad’s vegetable gardens. We logged where surviving plants are, that I know about, and how to take care of them. We talked deer fencing, for the veggies garden, (which we have lots of), which of the five veggies garden gates need repair, and where to add a few additional fruit trees.

The rain was a constant companion today, and so I set my sights on advancing the sheetrock project in the lower barn. It was also 38 degrees, so keeping moving was important. I got a lot done, and used up miscellaneous pieces of sheetrock, which is always gratifying. Once finished with that dust making endeavor for the day, I cleaned the floor of the barn, including running the vacuum over it, plus generally putting things where they go. Essentially, I whipped out some control freakness on the space.

My DH arrived on the 5:50 boat, we picked up takeout for us and our tenants at 6:00 and had a lovely evening visiting. Then we stayed up far too late catching up with each other, which is our habit whenever we spend time with other folks.

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