2022 December Island Trip – Day 6

We woke up to no water, meaning Stella’s water supply hose froze everywhere the heat tape didn’t make contact with the hose. Live and learn… Even the stand pipe was frozen (open). We captured water from emptying the hot water tank, poured it over the stand pipe, and were delighted to close it. On the other hand, we were unable to empty the black and grey tanks. Being mostly empty anyway, there is zero point worrying about freeze inflicted damage. It’ll be ok, or it won’t.

We maximally loaded the truck with firewood (we’re out at our mainland house), and headed to the ferry. I appreciated the extra weight in the truck given the cold and snowy roads.

We’re tucked in watching the accumulating snow, and the birds negotiations over suet and nectar. While I truly love living and spending time in Stella, temps below 30 degrees push a quality of living envelope. We’re going to work on it via electrical gadgets, but likely won’t look at each other when 19 degree weather is predicted and run up to the Island for some R&R 😏!

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