Pool Table

The pool table was finally resurrected today!! Yes, it was supposed to happen a few weeks ago and our installer was stymied by snow and then got sick (all this after finally contacting us after being AWOL for a while). I’ve reached back out to our electrician for help with installing the new light over the table (not doing this one ourselves) and at least half a day of other dangling items.

Our studio, after a year of housing the pieces of a 9×5’ pool table, looks practically empty. I vacuumed and put things back where they belong. There’s a little more shuffling to do: the former pantry shelf will replace the studio closet shelf, but that had to wait until my DH was done working for the day as the router needs to be unplugged for two seconds to remove the older (smaller) shelf from the closet. Interdependencies still rule!

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