I’m still going through my folk’s financial docs. The stack in smaller and better organized now. Today I came across the 1985 invoice for the oven, as part of some basis documents, I just replaced in the Island house. They spent $874.00 on the oven. In 1985!! There was nothing fancy about this oven, other than it would start itself in an old fashion analogue way. This is a feature I have never used despite it being at my beck and call, in various homes, for over three decades. So, the wildly expensive 1985 oven had one ‘fancy’ feature that my folk likely never used 😂, because who wants to let their raw food warm up in an oven all day so it can start cooking by itself at 5PM??

Anyway… my entertained response to this discovery aside, as part of our kitchen remodel, we replaced the oven. It cost $2600ish. There are rebates involved and the receipt is filed, so I don’t have the exact number at my fingertips. Our new oven is the fanciest thing I’ve ever cooked in. I had to RTFM (read the f-ing manual) in order to figure out how to broil because that feature is in the second layer of inputs 😳. It has three menu layers. The quick-start guide is at hand in the kitchen in case I want to ask my phone to turn the oven on.

OK, granted, almost 40-years ago, many of these features didn’t exist, however, the 1985 – 2023 dollar equivalency for $874.00 is $2438.00. So, I think I got a slamming deal on my new oven for a mere $162 more in adjusted dollars… And it’ll even turn itself on, electronically, from the third tier of its menu system!

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