A few Quilt Updates

This top started as a pieced backing for the above. It didn’t take long to realize I had a second quilt top! The back is pieced in order to use the fabric I had on hand. The dark grey, traditional, binding was purchased and is part of the line of fabric the rest of the quilt (and the one above) is made from.

And here at last is the quilt my mama started, and I finished. It’s showing that it’s a king sized quilt on a queen size bed. The deep purple pillow cases look great with the quilt. There’s a color for everyone in this piece.
It’s bound in velvet as the ‘piano key’ boarder, particularly the black, has a lot of velvet, and matching black fabric is tricky on a good day. No cotton quilting fabric was going to look good… Velvet sheds. I have asked my DH, again, to remind me to avoid large velvet sewing projects in the future 😂. I had to clean the studio and take most of a clothes roller to both sides of the quilt to get all the fuzz off.

My deepest wish is that my mom could see her quilt finished. The hand of the maker is evident in the work. I’m proud to have brought it together.

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