Lincoln Logs

We’re still sorting and figuring out where things are going in the wake of the kitchen remodel. No, Lincoln Logs did not inhabit our kitchen… They were stored in our attic, which was emptied in order to do the kitchen deed… The attic has never been 100% rodent proof, tho I am very proud to say that the attic has been rat proof for a bragable number of years now… The Lincoln Logs were in a cardboard box that was not immune to said rodents (mice).

Today I dumped the Lincoln Logs into the atrium’s utility sink in a hot bleach solution, and stirred them, multiple times, followed by multiple rinses. What was charming were the other toys in the box. Legos, Kinex, figures meant to sit on tiny horses, that were absent, a tiny shoe for a doll I cannot picture, a tiny charm meant for a necklace… Also, amazingly, a folded yellow bandaid. The Lincoln Logs have not been played with for at least, likely, a quarter of a century. I have to hand it to whatever brand of bandaid we put on one of our kids… They likely took it off and tossed it into the box. 25 YEARS later the adhesive was still solid, AFTER 20-minutes in hot bleachy water! This was a grin in my day!

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