A Gig

On a whim, after reading that my quilt/photography instructor still doesn’t have anyone to dye fabric for him, I reached out suggesting I might be that person for him. He lives in CO, I do not. 36-hours, a Zoom meeting and several emails later, I have a part-time gig! Neither of us knows exactly when we’ll pull the trigger on this. There’s no artificial urgency given that he’s been out of fabric to sell for sometime, and he’s incredibly busy. Sometime this spring.

I’m excited for a number of reason, the main one being I get to play with color from home (or the Island after a few things are set up). It’s a part time gig where as long as what’s needed gets done, I can set my own schedule. There will be slow periods and rushes. It’s a physical job with a variety of activities, but not too physical… No axe swinging or firewood hurling. I’m also happy to be working for my instructor, who I admire very much. I’ve been taking classes from him, in person, across the country, and online for years. He has a worldwide following, and I know I’ll learn a lot from him.

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