Wee Peeve

So I get easily annoyed when people, friends, splash their trials and tribulations all over social media. Yes, yes, I heard you… “Stop looking at social media!” This is not an unreasonable response. And the great majority of my social media experience (only one platform, and certainly not Twitter, which is for Twits, particularly now) is about keeping in touch with FIRL (friends in real life). Unfortunately some of these folks are the ones who post the ‘Woe is me’ nonsense. The latest? An otherwise lovely and wise person I went to school with left dog pain meds in reach of the dogs. She’s currently at the dog ER getting their tummies pumped, ‘hoping she got them help in time.’ There is ZERO excuse for this happening. If you’re parenting perpetual toddlers, keep that shit locked up. I know you’re smart enough to know three big dogs will try and get into everything while you’re taking a snooze… You’re kids made it to adulthood… I’m sure you’re distraught, And it’s almost like you pounce to share all the turmoil, because it gets you attention. You are not a 12-year old tween, you are approaching 70. Seriously, WTF? 🙄

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