March 2023 Island Trip – Day 1

The trip here was uneventful despite freezing temperatures and fog after yesterday’s lovely snowfall. The boat ride over was almost empty. I arrived in time to rescue one of my tenants, who had locked themselves out. We visited for a while, and then unloaded the plants I brought for our garden project. I also brought them a bunch of the first spring daffodil from the grocery, spider plant babies (from a plant whose origins date back to my childhood!), a stack of gardening magazine I’m done with and a puzzle. We have a lot in common…

I approached Stella worried about freeze damage from our December trip. The slicer valve, frozen nice and solid when we left, is just fine. There was only one identifiable casualty: the filter we use between the stand pipe and the trailer. It too froze in December. When I turned water on, it had a leak. It’s been replaced. There is also (I suspect) some sediment buildup in the kitchen faucet, which works just fine on one setting but not so great on the other. I’ll see if I can take it apart and clean it. Yes, we keep Stella heated October through April, and it’s been really cold. I’m thankful there seems to be no further damage.

The tenants helped me unload an alder plank (that we’re going to turn into a bench) from the truck, after settling into Stella. On my way back from taking daffodils to my neighbor to the east, I slowly walked, testing the edges of the flowing/standing water to see just how far I could mow (before the grass gets going, and while the tall stuff is laying on its side) without getting stuck. Not too far, but it looks as though there’s a world of possibility to do some additional ‘field mowing’ before the fields reassert themselves.

I’m going to have dinner with my tenants this evening. I’m bringing salad!

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