March 2023 Island Trip – Day 2

By the time I went to bed my list had grown to 35 items. 24 have been crossed off. This is not as productive as it may sound (“turn on propane and check levels”), but when you have that many things buzzing about in your head, it helps to pour them out on to paper.

Truly the best part of the day was spent visiting with my neighbor to the east before she went to work, having tea with my tenants in town, and then walking my dad’s former veggie garden with the gardener of my tenants. Earlier in the day I found mom’s rhubarb, and removed grasses from around it. I was delighted to find that the patch of rhubarb was considerably larger than I recalled. This likely because it hasn’t been harvested since 2019. The chef of my tenants is ecstatic about the rhubarb patch!

The weather was kind for most of the day. And then the moment we formed the intention to walk the garden, Winter heard us, dropped the temperature by 10 degrees, increased the wind by 15 MPH, and added rain. We drove back from town, retreated to our respective homes to unpack acquisitions, and suddenly the rain stopped, and a thin sun allowed the garden walk sans umbrella. It was still bloody cold. 🌬️ And worth it.

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