March 2023 Island Trip – Day 6

The morning’s expectations quickly diminished leaving the day without schedule save my DH catching a ferry.

My neighbor to the east called while I was finishing my work in the firs to the north of Stella. Her 14 year old pup decided he was done with is earthly work, communicating his desire by refusing food, water, going out for bathroom breaks, and sleeping 23-hours a day for the last few days. She asked if I would come sit with him while she ran to town to get her work laptop. She called back an hour later saying she’d changed her mind. Today she’s going to take him to the vet, or hopefully the vet will come to her.

The inter Island ferry is out of commission again, so the insulation contractor couldn’t stop by.

My DH advanced the sheet rocking in the lower barn while I worked in a garden bed on the east side of the house. It was just after he headed to the ferry that the insulation guy let me know he couldn’t make it, so I followed my DH. It gave us another 15ish minutes before he had to go. While in town I hit the hardware store (an almost daily theme it seems), the lumber company, had tea with one of my tenants, and got a few things at the grocery store. Upon returning to the property, I though I’d get back to my gardening. I even tried, but the wind was too fierce and cold. On my way back to Stella I raked the fire, which sprang back to life despite being rained on hard the night before, and settled in on the couch with a book and a blanket. In the early evening I confirmed that my appliance guru had indeed stopped by while we were all out and attended to my short list re the dryer. I still have yet to hear about his thoughts, but he didn’t red-tag it, so I think we’re good to go! A delicious dinner of leftovers (seriously!), some backgammon, and more time with my book finished up the day. T’was good.

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