March 2023 Island Trip – Days 7 & 8

Day 7:

  • My tenant unloaded bags of soil from the car for me. We each spread some in one of mom’s shallow raised bed that he weeded for me, It was an impressive weeding job, done with a mattock!
  • I took very detailed measurement of the east garden beds. This will allow for a more precise design and will help us avoid over-buying plants. Yes, there is such a thing.
  • I fed the fruit trees, lilacs, and rose with these spikes that you drive into the ground with a rubber mallet. I am hoping this will help them after last year’s complete lack of fruit.
  • At noon me and my tenants went to town for a Thai lunch. My meal will feed me for a third time this evening, day 8. 🙃. After lunch, I walked across the alley and met a friend for tea. He and his wife, who I adore, are off to west Africa tomorrow. With a crew of National Geographic photographers. They lead an adventurous life…
  • My roofer and his wife stopped by. He gave me back my house key, and I gave him a key to the lower barn, where he’s still working on putting the stove chimney back together. It’s one of those projects for a snowy day when roofers would rather not be on a roof.

Day 8:

  • Today we separated the two water systems. We had some starts and stops, and there’s still some work to do on the ground well side, but it’s a HUGE line item I can cross off now. My AN is quite possibly smartest person I know in terms of practical thinking. He was able to deduce, and I watched the “Ahah! moment cross his face, why we were getting inconsistent response of the ground well system. It’s actually too much for me to write out, and there’s a very high likelihood that readers would not be able to follow along. My own grasp is slippery! I need a book – Well Systems for the Uninitiated. Some digging has to happen, by not me, in order to find a brass/bronze check valve that has given it up. Then we should have water in the veggie garden. After this happens, I’ll ask about water in the barn 😜! My favorite moment in all of this was when he found a plug in my father’s endless supply of hardware that would work for part of our plumbing shenanigans!
  • We also replaced, with a little effort, a hose clamp in the garden, and took a walk into the wood where our AN wants to create a path, with his trackhoe, in order to remove a tree he took down some years ago. He’s got to access the tree from my land. No problem at all.
  • We replaced a dining room light switch. the old one was as wonky as the tenant said it was.
  • I placed all the potted plant I brought form our mainland garden into the raised bed we added soil to yesterday. It’s kind of like a plant nursery until we get them into the east garden.
  • I cleaned up rose trimmings, plus made more, and took them the burn pile. Yes it’s growing again!
  • I tried to spray the grass in my mom’s garden, the wind was just too strong. I got a little done, and will try earlier in the day tomorrow. When our AN gives you time, that’s what you do, even if it’s during the calm part of the day.
  • Since grass destruction was out, I hopped on the mower and opened up another section in the NE corner of the meadowed land. I’ve observed something… There are mounds of soil (too much for the mower to deal with) on the south side of each abandoned (looking) fox hole. It makes sense, but the consistent directionality is very interesting to me. I’ll consult the Google.
  • A well deserved shower has rounded out my day, and virtual backgammon with my Sweetie is next 💜.

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