March 2023 Island Trip – Days 9 & 10

Day 9:

Today’s main accomplishment was to finish spraying mom’s garden for grass, without the need to makeup any more solution. Cleaning the sprayer was almost as arduous as carefully applying the stuff in the first place.

Then I walked up to my fir tree project and cleaned up any branches the mower would complain about. This was followed by a hike around the wood line and down past the stand of elderly alders, doing the same thing. Next I spent an hour mowing! The park feel of the upper five acres is expanding!

I also made a run to town to get cash for my AN. He hadn’t asked for money for 18-months. It was time.

The day concluded with my tenants joining me for dinner.

Day 10:

Today has been much less ambitious:

  • Dump run at 9am. There wasn’t more than one full 32-gallon bag, and a used up well water filter, but I like to keep up on this. The last of the Stella trash will come home to our mainland trash can tomorrow. I’m also bringing home a stack of flattened cardboard to drop at our recycle center (for free). There will be NO box collections.
  • Started on my departure list, including some Stella cleaning where I discovered a paper wasp on the stove, and another in the housing that the fan and light for the stove live in. They have to have gotten in via the vent. I couldn’t get to the second one, but tried to nail it with cleaner through tiny cracks in the housing. Stella is not a wasp friendly space. 😡
  • Visited with one of my tenants, who has a plan for my boat (the one I can’t give away). They want a slip at one of the marinas here on the Island. In order to get on a waiting list, you have to have a currently registered boat. This is a little archaic when the waiting lists at all three marinas are 18-months long. Where does one put a boat when you don’t have anywhere to put the boat? Oh, under my fir tree!! So the plan is to use this boat to get on the wait lists. As their names advance on the wait lists (you can watch your progression up the lists) the idea is to buy the boat they want as they actually get a slip. Meanwhile, they’ll clean up this boat, so it’s more attractive for sale. If needed, they’ll pop this boat in the slip as a place holder until their forever boat can be found. It’s a little kooky, but I’m in! All I have to do is get the titles for the boat and trailer transferred into my name, which shouldn’t been too terribly difficult and costs nothing but time. They’ll pick up the cost of the boat’s registration. I need to take care of this anyway, just in case someone comes along and wants a free boat 😏.
  • A second insulation contractor (the first one fell of the edge of the island after giving me a bid as far as I can tell) stopped by, and I just now let him know he has the job. Scheduling is next.
  • Nap.
  • Dinner at my neighbor to the east this evenings.
  • Home tomorrow. I’m ready to head back, and I want to stay. Sigh.

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