March 2023 Island Trip – Day 11

Closing up, as it mostly does, went well. No freezing plumbing this time… And as usual, I felt torn as I left, wanting to stay yet being ready to head home. The ferry system cancelled it’s 8AM boat off the Island due to lack of crew, so the boat I caught was stuffed full. I stayed in the car, read, took a snooze, and then had a smooth drive home.

After the car was disgorged, and most things put away, I wandered the garden. A lot happens in 11 days as the season changes. It is also interesting to think about scale. I can plant a specimen piece in our mainland garden and it will be seen. On the Island I have to plant a grove of something if I want it to have impact, and think carefully about how that grove will survive when I’m not there to tend it, and how it might impact the greater ecology. It’s a pleasure to work on mom’s garden, knowing I have people there who are interested in caring for and recreating it. I think river birch are going to be the first ‘grove.’ They can live in water, are deer resistant, and beautiful.

It’s good to be home. 💜

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