Some March 2023 Island Trip Pics

I brought three bunches of daffodils from Trader Joe’s. Ones each for our neighbor to the east, our tenants, and Stella.
This silver fox gets around. Credit this pic to our tenants. Our trail cam has picked him up a number of times as well. Usually after midnight.
My DH doing a tiptoe/leap across the creek, in sandals, in March, trying to keep his feet dry! He succeeded!
Bloggus authorii 😂 caught on the trail cam, which thinks it’s three hours east, hammering fertilizer spikes in around the apple tree the camera is attached to.
Walking back up to Stella, after delivering two eggs that would not survive the trip to the mainland, and an issue of Horticulture to my tenants, this flicker bid his goodbye’s by hammering on the steel chimney cap. It’s quite the racket!

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