Neighbor to the North…

While I was on the Island, I checked in with my neighbor to the north. She frequently says she’d like to visit, but when it comes right down to it, begs off. She and her husband are struggling with health and finance problems, and she has a lot of pride. After letting me know she wasn’t up for a visit, we tossed a couple of notes back and forth. This was the final one, and it pissed me off:

I don’t believe they field mowed but a little path- way, way up to the right side of our back wood shed..but further up on their property….then they dumped spring mattress, drawers,stuff, oil, etc. and let nature take over w/ growth. I was actually surprised and shocked when i saw it…ha Have no idea what is up there now…

Let me parse this… who could carry a queen-sized spring mattress across five mostly wet acres and into the woods? Oh, my folks never had a ‘spring mattress, only a foam mattress, which they brought with them when we moved to the Island, and I took to the dump when mom left.. Drawers? The same furniture was in the house when mom left, as when I left, except for the things they gave to me. This was a couple, for better or worse, that did not throw things away. And my father get rid of oil? Precious fire starter? Ground wasp nest eradicator? Never in a million years. Stuff and Etc? 🙄.

I did the big girl thing, and did not reply. My neighbor, in her own mind, is always right!

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