It is unfathomable to me that my dad has been gone a decade. In part because he feels so near, and he pops out of my mouth all the time: “These damned card-readers (at the grocery, hardware, you name it store) should be identical! Every one of them!!” It wasn’t that card readers were a mystery, he had a thing for efficiency. The many flavors of card readers were an insult to the natural engineer in him. Yea, me too. Years ago he offered that we’d get to a point where no airplane would fly unti it was full. The airlines call it scheduling, but when was the last time you were on a half empty flight?? 😏 I plant my peas in March cause that’s what dad taught me (I need to get on that!). Like dad, I’m able to be a social chameleon, and get along with all sorts of folks, even if we don’t share the same politics, background or faith. But like him too, I suffer no fools. I raise my eyes heavenwards to share a joke, an eyeroll, toast, confidence, news, make sure I’m doing the right thing, and to say ‘I love you.’ And I miss you.

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