Smoke, still.

We are still shuttling things about post remodel. A small oak cabinet is now living downstairs in the billiard room. I had to empty my mom’s jewelry collection out of its drawers before we could move it. I paused to look through things again, and resolved to figure out a permanent storage solution for her jewelry. In opening one of her many boxes, I was hit with the familiarly campfire smell I’ve worked so hard to eradicate at the Island house. The box has a fuzzy lining and lived in the house for 40-years. It’s no small wonder it soaked up the smokey house smell.

This morning I realized the permanent jewelry storage solution was in my study! There is a small shallow drawered chest that my mom kept mostly photos in. Tomorrow Amazon delivers jewelry inserts for a number of these drawers. The chest will move back to mom’s dresser, now in our room, and her jewelry will no longer be shifted from one place to another. Best of all, it’ll be easy to access and enjoy.

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