April 2023 Island Trip – Day 1

I arrived to fierce wind, despite a calm ferry crossing. Unloading plants out of the truck took time because I couldn’t set them on the edge of the truck bed. They would have been blown over. The plants are tucked against the north side of the house. Tomorrow we’ll stage them according to my plans, adjust, and then start planting. If the wind cooperates.

Unloading the truck into Stella was also complicated by wind. It’s interesting when the wind blows things out of the truck and keeps you from opening the trailer door 😏. It took a while and got done. It took time to distribute everything into the trailer, take a break, and then drive the truck down to the barns in order to unload various items into those buildings. I chose to walk back and forth to the ‘people’ door to load into the lower barn, rather than open the ‘barn door,’ which was closer. Wind.

After deploying StarLink, I retreated into Stella and enjoyed watching turkey vultures and ravens navigating the gale. I caught up on correspondence, communication, made some lovely chicken drumettes in the toaster oven, and enjoyed backgammon with my DH.

While I did a lot today, it feels like I didn’t do much. 🧐 That’s OK. 😂

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