April 2023 Island Trip – Days 5 & 6

Day 5:

We spread all the compost. The garden looks fabulous.

The North wall of the house has Additional insulation added to it. As the contractor got going, they discovered insulation in the walls, except for behind the dishwasher 🙄. After deciding to pump in additional insulation, we discovered there was blocking in two places in the 12 inch on center joists. I asked the contractor what he would do if it was his house… Meaning do we drill three times the holes in order to fill each part of the walls, or not. He told me most of the expense of the job was just getting here. They’re based on a different island. Filler ‘er up, I instructed. The house now has chicken pox! They’ll fill the holes tomorrow.

My DH and his daughter arrived on a late afternoon ferry. We had a great rest of the day. It was fun to show her the property, and what we’d been up to this trip. We had a nice dinner, visit, and discovered how to turn the couch into a bed! She slept sound! A converta-couch success.

Day 6:

After a farmer’s breakfast, we headed out and attended to lists. Chloe said she was interested in learning how to drive the mower. And did she ever!! We spent time going over the mower’s controls, she asked to watch me mow briefly, and was ready to take over. She mowed 90% of the east field! This is a kiddo who doesn’t drive, by choice. She was really jazzed. After she relinquished the rider to me, she took on the self-propelled push mower. She’s never done either of these activities, did them for a few hours, and loved it!

After some lunch, I kept mowing. Chloe and my DH worked on a barn downspout rehab project.

We went out to dinner with our neighbor to the east to the little, not well known, slightly swanky restaurant in town. It was a lovely time. After a brief visit at our neighbor’s on the way home, we’re playing round-robin backgammon to wind down the evening. A good day.

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