April 2023 Island Trip – Day 7

After a bit of a sleep-in, we enjoyed omelets and toast with tea. Next up was a walk to the top of the drive to show Chloe, both in person, and on the map, just where we were in the greater archipelagos.

The next task was to excavate around the ground well pressure tank, in search of its broken check valve. This needs to be replaced in order to get ground well water up to the veggie garden. Long story-short, my DH and one of our tenants dug three feet below grade, found the water table, the curve that leads to the bottom of the pressure tank, but stopped due to 6” of water in the work zone. The water table will drop by the time I return in three weeks. We’ll try again!

We enjoyed some social time with our tenants, and are now pulling a quick dinner together. My DH is sautéing Brussel sprouts. I brought a frozen split pea, ham & rice soup. Dinner’s on!

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