April 2023 Island Trip – Day 8

All the usual checklists and tasks for pulling out/off the Island went well. We even dispatched an auxiliary list in short order.

It does feel like the big projects are slowly getting done. This may sound silly, but we were able to spend a moment and get the last of the accumulated cardboard flattened and into the truck. It’s not a big thing, but it’s no longer an eyesore that bothers me each time I look at the SE corner of the upper barn. My DH’s boss wants the 14-2×3’ steel shelves (that have no frames). He lives on another island and will come pick them up in May. Another 2’ wide section of wall visible; another 14 items off to a new home. Chloe found some treasures in the upper barn and took them home. Again, things that will have, if not direct purpose, value to her. She’s going to mount a small pair of pliers of my dad’s, that are rusted shut, to her bedroom wall. I am touched. It’s because they were dad’s pliers that she finds value in them.

And we’re home on the Mainland. The cat is done with his hour of anxiety over no one being here for four days. The laundry is running, mail is sorted, a non-drought shower beckons.

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