May 2023 Island Trip – Day 1

It’s unseasonably hot for our area. Stella was almost 90º when I opened her up. The last of my unpacking had me down at the house (irrigation supplies for the garden) where I paused to visit with the tenants on the deck, in the shade. We toured the garden and tsk-tsk’d to see what the deer have been tasting (I brought a motion sensing sprinkler to deter the deer!). Over all it’s looking really good. things are growing nicely. I admired the tilling, and now planting that’s been done in my dad’s old veggie garden, and as soon as the sun was just over the hill enough to cool things off, I mowed for a couple of hours, after closing up Stella… Her window screens are great for keeping bugs out, but not the frass the mower kicks up. Only made that mistake once!

Starlink is deployed, dinner is done, the interior is down to a very acceptable 71º, and I’m looking forward to getting into bed nice and early. After a quick shower, cause, damn it was hot today!

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