May 2023 Island Trip – Day 2

I took the self-propelled push mower up to our neighbor to the north and mowed the south side of their (our 😏) pond, and then the path that goes along the side of the road toward their house. She came down and visited for a while, sharing lots of the medical ordeal she’s part way through. She still has a surgery to go, and it seems that all of her specialists are sitting in their own silos, not talking to each other, while her care is suffering.

Since the little mower was out, I exercised it in little places, and spots the big mower can do. Then it was back onto the big mower until my neighbor to the east stopped by on her way to work. We sat in the open hatch of her car, catching up until the gal from the county’s noxious weed program arrived.

We found tansy in two of the three places I’ve dug it up before, and she couldn’t help but to see the thistles. If there was a market for thistles, I’d be rich! The weed specialist set about spraying the tansy and a select area to thistles, and I hopped back on the mower. When she was done, I headed to town and spontaneously stopped at Tim’s, who arrived last night.

When I got there, he was out, but arrived moments later. We visited for an hour on the deck, agreed to dinner here or there on Saturday, and to meet in town for a drink between now and then.

Town was a little tedious… It’s a small community with limited resources and (endless) tent caterpillars, but neither hardware store had concentrated insecticidal soap. It arrives Friday via Amazon, and tomorrow I use up what’s left here, hoping it’ll do all three apple trees. I did find gluten free pot stickers at the market, and may have those for lunch tomorrow, as my evenings tend to be a little social.

I had a nice dinner with my tenants. Salad on the deck.

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