May 2023 Island Trip – Day 3

Day Three:

  • I sprayed the fruit trees for tent caterpillars, and had just enough concentrate to treat all four trees. I removed dead wood as I went, taking it to the burn pile, and was delighted to see teeny tiny plums. The caterpillars are all over the hawthorn too. If they would only concentrate on the hawthorn, I wouldn’t be compelled to hose them down with soap.
  • I took the first steps with the irrigation project by placing the micro-sprinkler heads and main supply lines. Then I hand watered both gardens and fertilized the two large specimen plants, one of whom suffered from some transplant shock and deer stress.
  • Always mowing, though it’s at 90% now.
  • The screen has rejoined its fire pit, as have the plastic Adirondack chairs. It’s simple and inviting.
  • Uncharacteristically, I stopped working just before 4 and sat down. A shower and some salad making later, I walked to my neighbor the the east, and we had a very nice meal and visit.

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