May 2023 Island Trip – Day 4

Irrigation got much further along than I expected today. I dug a narrow trench, with the aid of the tenants’ pick axe, after discovering that under the narrow bit of turf, I wanted to bury the supply line in, there was rock, some of it quite large! After tucking the line in and burying it, I got in this groove and installed all the supply line back to where the timer will go. That is my DH’s expertise! We’ll go live with auto-watering on Saturday.

Muding my DH’s sheetrock installation in the lower barn was up next. Not finding any metal snips, I worked on all the other joints, the whole while telling myself, “it’s a barn, it’s a barn, it’s a barn.” It’s kinda sketchy looking, but I intend to use texture (not like house texture) on this job. Maybe leaf imprints, maybe a pattern of some sort, maybe?

I unpacked a magnet on a stick, walked out to the burn pile and half filled a large can with nails and hardware in no time at all. While mowing doesn’t have to happen where we burn now, we will not always need to burn. The grass will grow back, and won’t it be nice not to puncture tires when that day arrives 😏.

The last of the rider mowing happened, with just some push mowing left to do in the veggie garden.

I’m out the door to pick up those metal snips, stop at the book store, and then meet Tim for dinner.

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