May 2023 Island Trip – Day 5

After taking recycling to the transfer station (a chargeable event by garbage can size, so everything is squished as small as possible), I went to the quarry less than two miles from us for 1/2 a yard of gravel. I’ve never seen a site where gravel and rock is produced. It was other-worldly. A craggy rock wall, 250 feet wide, and a 100 feet tall. It was kinda beautiful.

I’d emailed the quarry letting them know what I wanted, and the yard guy guessed well who I was. After loading the truck, he directed me to see Sue in the office. I walked in with my Visa. Sue was looking at the email I’d sent, turned to me and confirmed my name. I said, ‘Yup!’ She said, “We graduated together!” I confess that until she shared her full name, I didn’t recognize her. We had a great 20-minutes shooting the shit and catching up. She gave me the gravel… “I’m to lazy to run your card… My gift to you.” It was a $25 gift, and I let her know I was very appreciative.

The next long while was spent getting a stone boarder set to contain the gravel where a bench is going to go at the head of the perennial garden, and then back filling with gravel. I had to work very slow and carefully, and take weeding breaks 😂. The area (pics to follow) is looking good. When my tenants got home, they emptied the rest of the truck for me. The remains gravel will rehab the steps between the two garden beds.

I used the push mower to thwack the grass in dad’s garden, watered the new perennial garden, made an attempt at cleaning Stella, including vacuuming up all the grass I’ve tracking in her.

My DH’s ferry was running late. This was great because he was running late too! I ordered takeout from a local fav restaurant, picked him up, and we’ve had a relaxing evening.

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