May 2023 Island Trip – Day 7

As we left out tenant’s last night, I was seriously encouraged not to work so hard today. I responded with a salute and a wink. Around 6 this morning I wondered how to be productive without working…

After sleeping in and having an improvisational breakfast (only two fresh eggs 😳, with leftover chicken sausage 😀), we addressed the upper barn. It was the first time I really assessed each tool and widget, including everything on the shelves, making cuts between tossing, retaining, or adding to the estate sale. It was a lot, emotionally and physically.

We stopped for a lunch break before my DH had to catch a ferry back home. After he headed out, I went right back to the barn to continue on the project, giving myself until 6:30. At 6:40 (not bad!) I pulled out. I am so compulsive. It felt good to get so much done, and to stop, almost, when I said I would.

So, things are, predictably, stoking along for a Stella departure. I’m aiming for the boat earlier than my reservation. It all, as usual, depends on how closing up goes. So far so good!

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