A few Quilt Updates

This top started as a pieced backing for the above. It didn’t take long to realize I had a second quilt top! The back is pieced in order to use the fabric I had on hand. The dark grey, traditional, binding was purchased and is part of the line of fabric the rest of the […]

Sewing Again!

Actually, I’m binding a backlog of quilts and it feels really, really good! I’ve made a resolution to complete seven quilts (two of which actually do need some quilting) before I start any new projects. This is doable, in part, because the pool table is no longer sitting in pieces on the studio floor… But […]


I’m still going through my folk’s financial docs. The stack in smaller and better organized now. Today I came across the 1985 invoice for the oven, as part of some basis documents, I just replaced in the Island house. They spent $874.00 on the oven. In 1985!! There was nothing fancy about this oven, other […]


My DH has played recorder since he was a wee lad. He has played off and on since we’ve been together, both tenor and soprano recorder. On his trip back east, with his mom, his mom’s college friend gifted him with her bass recorder. My DH had been working on music, centuries old, on all […]

A Box for Mom!

I ventured to the Big City today to return two items to The Container Store that I had purchased for the new kitchen. Turns out I’d been chauffeuring $70 of merchandise around in my trunk for months! This was cheerfully received by the store’s staff, and I set about to look for something to help […]

Forensic Accounting

At the end of each year, since the BIG clean up of my parent’s financial documents, I gather everything from 10-years ago (mine and my DH’s too), do a quick check, and shred everything. Well, I pay someone to shred. I’ve been saving my parent’s banking records, however, and am starting to go through them. […]

Pool Table

The pool table was finally resurrected today!! Yes, it was supposed to happen a few weeks ago and our installer was stymied by snow and then got sick (all this after finally contacting us after being AWOL for a while). I’ve reached back out to our electrician for help with installing the new light over […]

And the Good…

Christmas evening had a lot of good points as well! We enjoyed our gift exchange. My MIL, who only 2-days before had told us she hadn’t been able to procure any gifts, came through! It’s not about the gifts themselves, but that she was able to reciprocate, which is important to her. Dinner was fabulous. […]

Christmas 2022

I hit a bit of a wall as things were winding down Christmas evening… This is my third Xmas w/out mom, and my 10th w/out my dad. Honesty, the holidays became SO confusing for my mother that while I miss her, and the feel of how our family holidays used to be, I don’t miss […]

Compromised Credit Card

It’s bad enough that there were almost $8000 of fraudulent charges on one of my credits cards, while it snoozed comfortably in my wallet, but it’s galling to have the bank’ rep flatly tell me she sees that I swiped the card, in person, for one of those charges. Keeping my cool, I told her […]