Aug/Sept Island Trip – Day 10

It was a simple day… My DH finished insulating the lower barn, and I painted. He caught the mid-afternoon boat off the Island and returned home to our lonely cat.

Aug/Sept Island Trip – Day 9

We started the day with a farmer’s breakfast. Just as I was about to address loading the truck for a dump run, our neighbor to the north came walking across Stella’s field. We haven’t seen her in quite a while. We had a lovely chat and then headed toward the barns. She was floored at […]

Aug/Sept Island Trip – Day 8

The place was a hotbed of activity today. My DH mowed (for hours) and took Lots of debris to the burn pile. I continued with interior paint, and then joined my DH with outside activities. The roofer and his foreman got the porch roof over the pump room door completed. They left me their big […]

August 2022 Island Trip – Days 6 & 7

Day 6: We got the dishwasher installed in the cabinet and tested it again today! It washes, and evacuates water, and still nothing leaks!!! It’s such an upgrade, even though it’s most of 8-10 years old. Tim joined us for dinner. We BBQ’d black cod, my dad’s fav fish. It was amazing. Tim is a […]

A moment…

Rats… I knew we’d find evidence of rodents under the dishwasher. Knew it. After dad died and I started spending more time with mom on the Island there was evidence of rodents… Poop in the closet, pee stains on the wood floor, the vacuum cord chewed through, tho mom thought the vacuum just stopped working. […]

August 2022 Island Trip – Day 5

Today was all about the house. There were victories and struggles: The first order of business was to swap out the 40-year old dishwasher for the less than a decade old dishwasher. This was fraught with: The dishwasher being resistant leaving it’s spot, and when it did, Its water line breaking at the valve, which: […]

August 2022 Island Trip – Day 4

We did very little productive today, as it should be on one’s anniversary. A farmer’s breakfast, lots of lounging and reading… Our knife sharpening buddy stopped by to pick his latest assignment and looked at the big mower, which he can fix faster and for less money than the local repair shop. After hanging up […]

August 2022 Island Trip – Day 3

We had a short list of things to do before my DH boss and children arrived for a visit and early dinner. Nothing too onerous, and my favorite part was my DH discovering the self-propelled 22” lawn mower! He had so much fun with it that he mowed quite a bit more than just Stella’s […]

August 2022 Island Trip – Day 2

I’ve been waiting to clean Stella’s carpet for almost two years. I brought the carpet cleaner with me this trip, it being August and all (warm) and woke up to cool weather! After some breakfast, the decks were cleared and the swiftest carpet shampooing job of my life took place. Next up was to seal […]

August 2022 Island Trip – Day 1

I arrived to my roofer’s crew working on the awning/rehab for the pump room door. They also got the chimney cap on the house, the propane stove hooked up, and the scrap metal roofing from the lower barn loaded into their trailer. Progress! It seemed to take forever to unpack the very full truck, in […]