Compromised Credit Card

It’s bad enough that there were almost $8000 of fraudulent charges on one of my credits cards, while it snoozed comfortably in my wallet, but it’s galling to have the bank’ rep flatly tell me she sees that I swiped the card, in person, for one of those charges. Keeping my cool, I told her […]

2022 December Island Trip – Day 6

We woke up to no water, meaning Stella’s water supply hose froze everywhere the heat tape didn’t make contact with the hose. Live and learn… Even the stand pipe was frozen (open). We captured water from emptying the hot water tank, poured it over the stand pipe, and were delighted to close it. On the […]

December 2022 Island Trip – Day 5

A whole lot happened today: It snowed for most of the day. At times the sun broke through, low in the sky, lighting up the surrounding trees and fields as it kept snowing. It was stunningly beautiful. Tomorrow morning’s 7am low is predicted at 21-degrees 😳. I’m sure we will be very efficient at buttoning […]

December 2022 Island Trip – Day 4

I have been SO blessed with lovely, intelligent, and delightful tenants. We spent pieces of today sketching mom’s perennial, and dad’s vegetable gardens. We logged where surviving plants are, that I know about, and how to take care of them. We talked deer fencing, for the veggies garden, (which we have lots of), which of […]

December 2022 Island Trip – Day 3

Using the truck as a wheelbarrow, I finished getting all the dead lumber off the east side of the wood shed, and onto the burn pile. This after a tea with the tenants, who seem delightfully invested in my beverage comforts!! After cleaning up the remainder of the dead lumber and nettle roots from the […]

December 2022 Island Trip – Day 2

I slept well last night. Stella’s (coil) mattress is brand new and tells us we need to replace our old early model space-aged foam mattress. It came with a ‘declining’ Simon’s 30-year warranty about 21-years ago. If we made a claim, it’d eat 8-months of our lives and cough up $57.98. I started the day […]

December 2022 Trip – Day 1

The drive up oscillated between very foggy and brilliantly sunny. My timing was such that I was able to stop at a hardware store and pick up heat tape for Stella’s water line should we need it. The forecast looks OK while we’re here, and seeing as how things can be unpredictable, I thought ‘why […]

December 2022 Island Trip. – Day 1 – Prelaunch

Everything except the cooler is packed. I need to decide what shoes to wear up, and whether to take a ‘nice’ coat of some description. Nice means the garment has no paint or pitch on it. The weather is supposed to be cold: 20’s, 30’s, low 40’s. I’d load up the truck now, but it’s […]

Legacy Work

Legacy Work is working with your late loved one’s papers, artifacts, history etc… Like pulling family photos together, cataloging your loved one’s art or other collections, archives, or, like today, all but finishing cataloging my mom’s poetry. I’m adding the electronic copies to the spreadsheet, having gotten all the loose paper versions entered. There are […]

The End of Covid Precautions in Our State

I discovered the above in a letter from our Master Gardener Coordinator saying our Land Grant University, who we operate under, is following the state in cancelling all precautions re Covid protocols. I am not happy. Below is what I wrote to the coordinator. Dear Coordinator, With the university’s choice, forced perhaps, of dropping all […]