October 2021 Island Trip – Day 2

Town furnished: Some goo that might seal the skylights on the lower barn. After returning to the property, I finally heard from the roofer, who referred me to someone else. I called this person immediately and haven’t heard back from them, A couple more ornamental grasses for Stella’s slope, Some jams for Christmas gifts. My […]


A friend on the Island gave us a drier this summer. I’ve been looking for a small washer ever since. The one I ordered on Amazon arrived damaged due to insufficient packing. I sent it back the next day, and decided I really needed to buy something I could put my eyes on before purchasing. […]

October 2021 Island Trip – Day 1

We checked for a ferry update at 10PM last night. No news is good news! At 10:13 they announced that my boat wouldn’t sail due to lack of certified crew. I discovered this at 5:45 this morning, and launched. Probably a record! Up and out of the house in 35 minutes, including loading the car, […]

Mom Docs

Our checklist for Stella has always been electronic, and indeed was modeled off our (always printed) Excel checklist for Luna (our little trailer). Today I spent an hour and brought Luna’s checklist into the 21st century, particularly as my DH will finish gearing up Luna, and set out camping on his own next week. This […]

Winterizing & Camping

Our ferry system schedule is out of whack due to an aging fleet, lack of qualified crew (mentioned before) and some of those crew objecting to our governor’s mandate that all state employees be vaccinated by the middle of this month. Many employees (not just ferry folk) will lose their jobs, causing chaos throughout the […]

Quilt Update

After tearing this quilt apart three times, adding the second raven, deciding I didn’t have the paper piecing skills to add the third raven as I’d drawn it (I’ll quilt it in), this is the top with its boarders, ready to quilt.


I realized about a month ago that if I tossed each piece of clothing I own that has holes or frayed cuffs, I’d be left with things that are no longer relevant to my lifestyle, are too big/small, weather incompatible, or hoodies. I’ve started recycling the most egregious items of clothings… Things my children wouldn’t […]

A Moment, Please…

As in today I had a bit of a moment. Quietly and to myself, but some things kind of caught up with me while in the attic and then under the house. The last large number of years have been dedicated taking care of my parents and their needs, in life and death. That’s OK. […]

A Little Work

Early this month a former client, who is a friend, asked me if I’d like to resume caring for their garden. We met today, strolled the garden, and discussed what their goals were for the property. I’ll start next month! I’m glad to get my toes back into select maintenance (gotta like you and your […]

Driers and Mice etc.

No, mice are not in the drier, thank goodness. But last weekend after a rep from our gas company, who was out to swap some piece of our meter, confirmed that our brand new drier was indeed spewing un-combusted natural gas out of its vent and onto our front walk, I called the company I […]