I mentioned to my DH that the camera folks and the tribal center librarian suddenly being able to buy/adopt items that were important to my parents, felt like a sign… An easing of the stress load, as well as the physical load in the house, in the same week that the estate closed. It’s only […]

Photo Gear and Periodicals

I’ve shared how our home has morphed into an estate staging area. Three of our five bedroom, three closets, and a small piece of the billiard room are dedicated to archives, books, photos, photo gear and accessories, periodicals, etc… In the last few months it’s been possible to visualize two of the bedroom consolidating into […]

Estate Stalls

Below is the reason this blog went ‘dark’ for the last many weeks. While, in retrospect, I probably didn’t need to close the door, I really had to in order to feel safe until my mother’s estate closed. Like mom used to say, “Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not after you.” Here’s what […]


My first husband bought my first Cuisinart food processor for me BC, before children, between 38 and 40 years ago. I used it extensively. Just as we do today, back then we cooked in a serious way. The food processor eased many a task. Almost 33 years ago, as our family was growing, he upgraded […]

Chicken Down

We’ve enjoyed having chickens for about 8-years now. The first flock were all named after female rock stars. This was a mistake. As they started to pass, it was a lot harder as they had names. Our second batch decidedly didn’t have given names. A couple ended up with nicknames born out of coloring. We […]


I have probably mentioned that taxes are like stacking cord wood… You can always make either perfect. And I’ve been working on both in spades. Since 2013 I’ve been doing my parent’s/mom’s tax returns. The hook is that I started that year with catching up four years of my parent’s returns. Dad always took care […]

2021 Feb/March Island Trip – Day 6

I woke to impressive winds trying to push Stella around. She, in her 6500 pound glory, was pushing back. Gusts made the stove’s vent cover flap (something for the list), and I could ‘feel’ the wind against the trailer, much like the house. It was an effort to open her door. That’s how hard it […]

2021 Feb/March Island Trip – Day 5

Another six hours of hard labor finished up the wood project, including taking a load to our neighbor to the north. I ended the day with dinner at our neighbor’s to the east.

2021 Feb/March Island Trip – Day 4

My AN arrived around 9 and started the second slash pile burn. We discussed strategy, and decided to spit wood. He and his son came back shortly there after with the splitter and we worked for three hours to get all the wood, shown in yesterday’s post, into handleable sized pieces (they will need further […]

2021 Feb/March Island Trip – Day 3

Today my AN, his son and I started processing the wood he took down last fall. 35 alders ranging in circumference from 6“ to 30”, and generally 10-15’ in length. We started with the bigger logs. Bucked to 18”. The guys estimate they weighed at least 150 pounds a piece. There were a lot of […]