Around 9 each evening the frogs start singing. It’s a symphony. From time to time they all (1000’s? Tens of 1000’s?) stop all at once. I’ve figured out that a car on the road will cause this, but can only guess at what else might. A fox? Very likely. Then like a switch, they all […]

May 2023 Island Trip – Day 2

I took the self-propelled push mower up to our neighbor to the north and mowed the south side of their (our 😏) pond, and then the path that goes along the side of the road toward their house. She came down and visited for a while, sharing lots of the medical ordeal she’s part way […]

May 2023 Island Trip – Day 1

It’s unseasonably hot for our area. Stella was almost 90º when I opened her up. The last of my unpacking had me down at the house (irrigation supplies for the garden) where I paused to visit with the tenants on the deck, in the shade. We toured the garden and tsk-tsk’d to see what the […]

Island Neighbor News

My neighbor to the east called this morning to let me know our neighbor to the north was medivac’d off the Island yesterday for the second time in a week. She’s at a hospital just north of our mainland home. I called her husband, whose health is also shaky, and asked if there was anything […]

Happy 90th, Dad.

We have a family friend from my parent’s college days. He shares his birthday with dad. He isn’t having so much fun at 90. His fingers won’t obey when he types any longer, dentures are an insult, the pandemic kept him from taking the train so he could get out and walk in the Alps, […]

How to Practise

While not a 1:1 with my experience of losing my parents, going through their belongings, or the process of going through my own things, this New Yorker article resonates on many levels:

Neighbor to the East, aka more about Day 7

On our walk Sunday morning, the neighbor to the North was standing outside pondering an Alder that had given it up, and was tidily hung up in a fir and madrona. She didn’t look great. A little jaundiced through her dark completion. She has to see her cardiologist this week for a couple of leaky […]

April 2023 Island Trip – Day 8

All the usual checklists and tasks for pulling out/off the Island went well. We even dispatched an auxiliary list in short order. It does feel like the big projects are slowly getting done. This may sound silly, but we were able to spend a moment and get the last of the accumulated cardboard flattened and […]

April 2023 Island Trip – Day 7

After a bit of a sleep-in, we enjoyed omelets and toast with tea. Next up was a walk to the top of the drive to show Chloe, both in person, and on the map, just where we were in the greater archipelagos. The next task was to excavate around the ground well pressure tank, in […]