Scope of Work

This is a (short) tale of two properties. Each quite different from the other, yet both needy in the way old buildings tend to be. The volume of work that each place needs feels similar yet the demands of the work feel very different most of the time. The Island property needs things in broad […]

July 2022 Island Trip – Day 11 & Home

I managed to nail a spot on the 11AM ferry off the Island on Saturday. Fourth to the last vehicle on board. The last guy was a grocery truck. It looked like the back of his trailer was hanging off the back of the boat! The checklist went as fast as ever, even with some […]

July 2022 Island Trip – Day 10

Today was all about: Walking the property and pulling all the tansy ragwort I could see. Tansy kills livestock. While the property does not currently sport any livestock, one wants to control it (required by law in most counties) and it responds to being pulled. There will be less next year. You have to bag […]

July 2022 Island Trip – Day 9

The good: My AN stopped by today and we figured out that when the well contractor removed a stand pipe at the house a few years ago (it started leaking and the tenants came home to no water) they also separated the two well systems! This is fantastic, and I’m perplexed that they didn’t share […]

July 2022 Island Trip – Day 8

I slept in this morning. After so much work the day before, and a warm evening, it felt good to snooze a little later than I would have normally. My first, and mostly last, piece of business today was to weed whack for 40-minutes. After running the line-trimmer out of line, I walked up to […]

July 2022 Island Trip – Days 6 & 7

Day 6: The first 2.5 hours of the morning were spent, ah, clearing Stella’s black tank. This can be a thing with an RV/Trailer. I pulled out all of my tricks and finally won. This is the second time this has happened with Stella, the first being when we first got her up here and […]

July 2022 Island Trip – Days 4 & 5

Day 4 The new gutters were moved higher on the facia so when it rains hard water will actually flow into the gutters rather than over the top of them I had a moment with the house… There are SO many things that need doing, and the one thing I tried to do (put the […]

July 2022 Is;and Trip – Day 3

Today: We learned, after much testing including using a CO sniffer we tested with an automobile, that we had a bad CO detector. The water heater is not trying to do me in. The folks who showed up to help diagnose the CO/water heater problem are also electricians, and installed the new vent over the […]

July 2022 Island Trip – Days 1 & 2

Day 1: The boat was running late, but at least it was running. I arrived at the property 11ish, and was mowing by noon. The grass wasn’t as deep as my AN led me to believe, but it wasn’t any picnic either. I got the area around the house, the meadow to the east of […]

General Update

It’s been a good day. My hair is full of Welsh poppy and foxglove seeds. Mid-July is the time in the garden when these plants are done regaling us with their beauty and I tear them out. They shower their seeds everywhere, and show up next year. I’m lifting the skirts of the Rhododendrons and […]