Moving Back In

Enough has been accomplished at our mainland home (vent cleaning and carpet install) project that we’ve begun moving back in to the rest of the house! This flurry of activity creates its own chaos as we work on trimming things down: The bin of ski gear we haven’t used in over 15-years, the self-inflating camping […]

Mon & Dad’s Mail

It’s a rare day anymore that we get more mail for my folks than for us, but it still happens from time to time. At this point I have the head space to call the organizations still sending mail and ask them to remove my parent’s names from their solicitation lists. My big push to […]

November 2022 Island Trip – Days 3 & 4

All the hours got used up… And not all the things got done. This is a repeated theme on the Island… Day 3: Day 4:

November 2022 Island Trip – Days 1 & 2

I arrived to lots of completed things, which did my heart good. The walkway to the deck on the east side of the house has been replaced with composite wood left over from our Mainland house front porch. The trim I created from my father’s salvaged wood for either side of the fireplace is installed, […]


The threatened weather event came to fruition hours past its predicted arrival. Within 40-minutes of its arrival we lost power. The new generator fired up, and we have lights, cold food, the fan on the wood stove, and most important, the sewer pump. Our internet provider is out, but we still have a cellular connection, […]

Finally Finaled!

Our city building inspector just pulled through and signed off on the building and plumbing permits. The state signed off on the electric permits last week. In the eyes of the regulatory folks, this remodel is DONE! Of course, there is more to do, but the city doesn’t care about carpet or paint 😏. The […]


The meeting with my new tenants went very well. We did the dollars and documents thing. They had lots of good questions. I’ve made a reservation to go up next weekend. They’ll walk on the ferry next Monday and we’ll do the walk-through. I’ve made a couple of service requests: Propane stove and heat pump, […]


The Island house, doc signing and fund swapping aside, is leased. We will meet Monday to take care of the formalities. These folks, currently, live locally, making it easy for us to sign docs. They take up tenancy mid-November. We’ll meet at the house to go over the ‘conditions’ check list before then. These folks […]

House Rental Update

There are still two interested parties in the house, that I’m engaged with. One of the priors dropped out. The wife didn’t care for the pass through from the master bedroom to the living room. I met with another couple at a local (mainland) coffee shop this week. They’re going to see the house tomorrow. […]