June/July 2021 Island Trip – Day 3

Just as I was getting ready to mow, my eastern neighbor texted to ask if I wanted to join her and the grandkid for some time at the beach. That’s a lot more fun than mowing! We picked up the 3 kiddos (aged 2.5 to 8) and went to a beautiful pebble beach. From there […]

June/July 2021 Island Trip – Day 2

I am thrilled to share that Stella was a lovely 58-degrees this morning. The promised marine layer arrived and cooled everything down. Today’s high didn’t reach 80. The main event of the day was connecting with someone who knew my father, and adopted one of dad’s enlargers! AND, he’s going to help me sell the […]

Moths and Friends

So, Stella has screens on all of her windows and fans. I turned a light on over the galley to keep the microscopic bugs, and the two moths away from where I’m sitting. What this tells me is that we need to rescreen the entry door to the trailer, or that the A/C unit, whose […]

June/July 2021 Island Trip – Day 1

The overarching aspect of the day was HEAT. Stella was sitting at 95 degrees when I arrived and actually got up to 97 before beginning to cool off. Deploying her fans, windows and awnings was the first thing I did. Almost 8-hours later, with the sun off of her, and the temps dropping, she’s now […]

Next Trip…

I’m heading to the Island early Monday morning for most of 2.5 weeks. Tomorrow I will list a number of things on the Island centric FB boards, hoping to find new homes for, again, the kiln and wheel, a built-in open cabinet, and the darkroom enlargers. If I have luck, it will clear space to […]

Letter to a Dead Friend

Dear Bud, The friends you introduced to me all those years ago, at that long-closed music venue… The ones who got married, and were such an amazing couple, with such love, such talent, and graciousness oozing from every fiber of their being, both of them, are splitting up after at least a decade of marriage. […]

RIP Uncle D

My DH’s Uncle D passed early this morning while in recovery from heart surgery. Within the last couple of days he’d been doing really well, and so this is unexpected. Uncle D’s daughter wrote a lovely, heartfelt announcement on social media. Uncle D spent his last years in his daughter’s amazing, fulfilling, and loving care. […]

What Equals Grumpy?

While feeling better today, my right hand has come down with a case of the twangs. It feels a lot like carpel tunnel, which I had in 2010. I did very little requiring any sort of dexterity or strength yesterday, and did some distinctly gruntish sort of garden work today, but only for an hour. […]


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