Fast Island Trip

Today we took a (our) truck load of furniture up to the Island with the furniture we didn’t encompass into our home, and a few boxes. My husband asked me, tongue in cheek, if we’d ever get to a point where we’d stop moving furniture around from place to place. I asked, “Doesn’t everybody do […]


The COVID-19 situation has benefitted me in one weird way. Due to mom’s AL community being off limits to all non-essential visitors (family included), I am otherwise alleviated of any regrets I might have had for not being able, or simply not, seeing her during the last 3+ months of her life. There were times […]


I got stuck late yesterday afternoon as I resumed sorting books. While clearing an existing shelf, I found my mom’s archery scrap book. Girl was in the news!!! They’re so many clipped articles (well over a hundred) that she (or her mom) never finished making the scrap book. I’d like to finish this project in […]

More Boxes

We made another run to storage this afternoon, with the truck, and brought home another 40 boxes of books, author’s papers and clothes. I did not recall just how many boxes of books I packed… This makes 64, not including about a dozen boxes of periodicals. The periodicals are mags my folks were charter subscribers […]

Alpha Elvis

Our cat Sumi has always been a badass. He aggresses any feline interloper off the property, walks with swagger, supervises chickens while they free range, and brings us rodents and birds in droves to express his love. Enter Elvis at the beginning of the year. We kept the cats separated at first, and followed all […]


This morning as I was walking towards my DH desk, motion to the left of the chicken coop caught my eye. It was a juvenile coyote, literally, dancing down the side of the chicken enclosure. I ran for the long-gun safe, and grabbed the air-rifle. Of course, by the time I got back, the pup […]

Masks, a Rant

I was in a public situation recently where masks were a required accessory. I witnessed a fuckwit challenge a person in authority who asked him to put his mask on repeatedly. Like over and over. The fuckwit finally complied but not before filling the air around him with his unprotected breath. I was ready to […]


Work has once again placed me on standby unemployment. A few things transpired to cause this: In the moment the company’s PPP loan funds were used up, I insisted on only working 20 hours a week, rather than 36. They need someone who has more flexibility than I do, and costs less. My program isn’t […]


I purchased three inexpensive capacious shelving units in order to sort my parents book collection. It’s become clear, given the number of books, that I need to get them out of boxes and onto the shelves, and then sort them. The categories are many: Art, Photography, books mom edited, Volumes by authors my parents knew, […]


The sedum planter I created for my dad is blooming and expanding. Here are some pics: